Here’s our Huffe Guide to helping you find the Top Singapore Divorce Lawyer.
1. Getting A Divorce Lawyer– An Overview

There are no winners in a divorce – everyone is on the losing end. The best way forward is to ensure that you sort out your divorce without any hiccups in order to move on quickly and to do that, you will need all the help you can get.

Our aim for this page is to equip you with the information to source for the top lawyer, who can ensure you a divorce with the least pain possible.

As a start, we advise you to consult a counsellor before you make the extreme decision of going through a divorce. Counselling sessions can either prepare you emotionally for your divorce (if you insist on it) or help you discover other options that may be better than a painful divorce – either way, it is beneficial to you.

If your ultimate decision is still a divorce, the top lawyer can ensure that you secure your rightful claims from it. However, there are more than 400 firms that deal with divorce and it can be intimidating to sieve through it for the best lawyer. This page will serve as a guide to help you find that top lawyer, who will assist you through your divorce.

NOTE: If you do need some basic information on the divorce process, you may refer to our other pages for more details. We advise you to get a brief overview of the divorce process so it can assist you in your search for a lawyer, should you decide to hire one.

2. Key Qualities of the TOP Divorce Lawyers

Simply put, the “TOP” divorce lawyer refers to someone who is among the top few in terms of reputation and rankings. This lawyer is an authority in the family law industry and is likely to be extremely experienced in this field.

As a result of his experience, it is expected that he knows the law very well and will also know how to react accordingly to your situation.

Here is a list of qualities, coupled with explanations, as to why each of them are important to you.

(A) Good Reputation
A good reputation cannot be acquired overnight; it is built from years of practice, positive reviews and recognition from others in the same industry. Having a family attorney with a good reputation is important to you as it is an indication of his competence in matrimonial law.

Do remember that lawyers with good reputation are not found exclusively in large law firms. Divorce lawyers from smaller law firms may be just as reputable as those from large law firms.

(B) Well-Informed and Up-To-Date with Family Law
Most importantly, your divorce lawyer should be aware of the updates and changes to the landscape of Singapore’s matrimonial law and divorce proceedings.

Whether you are an expatriate (attempting to effect a divorce from your overseas marriage) or local, it is only expected that the top lawyer you hired thoroughly understands the complexities involved in the different divorces. It is crucial that he is able to help you understand the rights you possess so that you are aware of your circumstance and will avoid making uninformed decisions that carry permanent consequences.

(C) Specialised
The Top Divorce Lawyer is likely to be a specialist in family law in Singapore. He should be able to provide you with insights to your case, explaining to you the details of your divorce, rather than giving you broad brush comments as most generalist lawyers would.

The Top Family Lawyer should also be able to assess your situation and provide you with several options that will benefit both your future and that of your children.

(D) Experienced
Having a top family divorce lawyer with a substantial amount of experience under his belt is an important consideration because experienced lawyers can easily comprehend the legal complexities of each case quickly.

Even though each case is unique with limitless permutations of facts, they may be similar and an experienced lawyer can briefly anticipate the legal issues that needs to be analysed.

You have to be aware that divorce in Singapore is a multi-judicial process that is filled with complicated filing and divorce procedures. An experienced family lawyer will settle these procedures for you and keep you updated on the status of your divorce. As such, you can focus on what is important – rebuilding your life in the post-divorce stage.

Legalities aside, experienced lawyers would have gone through enough divorces to know that you are extremely vulnerable at this moment – they will definitely be sensitive to your situation and possess the tact to help you avoid the painful situations whenever possible.

(E) Good Reviews
Having good reviews can be used to gauge the lawyer’s competence and the quality of his services. Detailed reviews can also shed some light on his work style, which you may find useful in deciding whether a certain lawyer suits your personality.

However, do understand that such honest reviews do not come by easily – divorcees in Singapore do not want to be identified, much less give a review of the services they received from their lawyers.

Nevertheless, if you have close friends or relatives who have gone through the same unfortunate situation, you can approach them for opinions on a particular lawyer.

3. How to Source for a Divorce Lawyer

Now that you have a better understanding of the divorce procedures and the traits of the best lawyer in Singapore, we will be teaching you how to source for that divorce lawyer. As mentioned, it will not be an easy due to the sheer number of law firms in Singapore (standing at more than 800). There are several methods you can try but to ensure that you get the right person for the job, we advise you to do this systematically.

a) Word-of-Mouth
You may have close friends or relatives who are similarly unfortunate to have to go through a divorce but you may be able to rely on their experiences. Not only can you rely on them for support, you may also go to them for referrals. This would allow you to hear first-hand how that lawyer handles a case, whether he is sufficiently competent and whether his style of case management is suitable for you.

Nonetheless, we understand that a divorce is personal and sensitive. You may not want to share such intimate problems with your friends or relatives but fret not – there are other methods of searching for a lawyer.

(b) Online Advertisements
Another avenue for search may be to go through online profiles of lawyers to see if there are any who suit your requirements – but do note their respective fees and corresponding services. It is apposite to constantly remind yourself that high fees do not always translate into better services and vice versa.

Sometimes, online advertisements may come with reviews – do treat these reviews with caution as it is extremely rare that divorcees would be willing to come forth to review divorce services they received. Even if they are from trusted sources, such as close friends or relatives, you ought to treat them with caution since you and your contact might have different preferences.

(c) Legal Services Regulatory Authority (LSRA) Directory of Lawyers
The LSRA regularly updates the list of the practicing lawyers and law firms in Singapore. The integrated search function on the LSRA website allows you to search all law practices and collaborations registered with ease, and all lawyers with a valid Practising Certificate or Certificate of Registration.

Given so, do note that the LSRA is a huge portal that covers all aspects of the law and you have to be extremely patient when you are using the online search tools. (To help you narrow down your options, we have carefully identified some of the very best divorce lawyers and law firms in Singapore – can be added after you have found the law firms you want to endorse)

4. Contacting Your Divorce Lawyer

After you have contacted the law firm of your choice, you should meet your lawyer in person for legal advice.

Here is a checklist you should take note of before meeting your family lawyer:

(a) Perform a detailed search on the law firm and the lawyer whose services you want to engage. You may do this online or browse through the law gazette for updates on existing law firms.

(b) Contact the lawyer you have chosen; most law firms provide a free 20 minutes consultation to explain the divorce procedure and perhaps, provide you with brief advice as to the next course of action. This may help you decide on alternatives such as mediation or proceeding to negotiation.

(c) Explore all options with your lawyer before making an informed decision about whether you should proceed with a divorce.

(d) When you finally meet your lawyer, determine if this lawyer suits your requirement – it may be better to change your lawyer early if you feel that his approach does not align with your aims. We understand that this is not easy, especially on the first meeting but if you do feel uncomfortable discussing your problems with him, it is signal that he is unsuitable for you.

This would mean that you are unable to disclose to him the full details of your case and it may limit his ability to help you.

(e) Finally, and most importantly, you must familiarize yourself with the divorce process so that you understand how you will be billed and charged at each stage. There should be an engagement letter, which states the nature of your divorce proceeding, the terms and conditions of your hiring of your lawyer as well as the estimated range of costs. Make sure you read the letter of engagement properly and thoroughly before hiring the lawyer.

(f) A small reminder: do remember to bring any documents that have been served to you. Your divorce attorney would need to review them in handling your divorce case.

You may also refer to other categories of divorce lawyers such as the Best Divorce Lawyer and Good Divorce Lawyer in your search for a suitable attorney.

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