Marriages do not break down overnight. Marital problems are accumulated over time, and are triggered by many emotional incidents. We often hear common explanations such “we are not compatible” or “she changed”, but in reality, there is more depth to these relationship problems. There are usually a combination of factors that lead to a divorce and we will explain some of them below.


Communication problems
Do you often find yourself in a cold war with your partner? What about acting in a passive aggressive behaviour? Shutting your partner out during disagreements is detrimental to any marital relationship. It amasses resentment, anger, frustrations and these emotions will ultimately erupt into a full-blown marital crisis. The key to a healthy relationship is to listen to your partner and let him/her feel respected. It is always easier to have a third party, a trusted friend or family member, to help you facilitate the discussion and to reason out amicably to your other half.


Too much quarrels
Going hand in hand with communication problems is having too many conflicts. Living with your spouse mean that you have to tolerate his/her habits, forgive his/her mistakes and compromise on lifestyle differences. Setting unrealistic expectations and forcing your partner to make lifestyle, career and personal changes will lead to friction. Ceaseless arguments without resolutions are damaging to a relationship. Incessant criticisms, naggings and obligations will make your partner feel stifled. However, if you stand in your partner’s shoes and understand their perspectives, you are on the way to building a stronger marital bond.


Unfortunately, some marriages end up broken due to domestic violence. Physical or verbal abuse, harassments and mistreatments of children deeply affects the psychological health of the family. When filing for divorce, it is advisable to attain a personal protection order and alert family members of possible dangers, so that they can look out for your safety.


Money woes
It is disastrous when a saver marries a spender. Lack of financial planning, excessive expenditure and different financial priorities are various aspects that may trigger conflict. Money problems are also bread and butter problems. If your spouse is unemployed and yet extravagant, you feel more burden on your shoulders.


Lack of intimacy
It is not just about physical intimacy, it is also about everyday gestures that make your partner feels loved. Your marriage needs embraces, goodbye kisses and terms of endearment to keep that romantic spark alive. Couples who do not interact through physical and non-physical actions will find their affection for each other dissipate.


Although this one of the most common reasons for a divorce, the act itself is sometimes motivated by other underlying reasons. A lack of communication, too much quarrels, lack of intimacy and other marital problems may lead to a feeling of dejection, hurt and loneliness. Individuals may seek the companionship of a third party who understands them better and give them the attention they yearn



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