A divorce can be one of the most important decisions of your life. It has wide-reaching effects and consequences on yourself and your children.
Divorce (and Separation) therefore should never be taken lightly, no matter how angry or upset you may be at that point of time.


This section serves as Huffe’s guide to the matters you should consider before embarking on a divorce.
1. Finding Support

(a) Marriage Counselling

(b) How to manage your relationships with family and friends during a divorce

(c) How to build a support system whilst going through a divorce

(d) How to support someone going through a divorce

It is recommended that you take a step back and look into repairing your relationship with your spouse before you decide to embark on a divorce.

To do so, look into marriage counseling. During your divorce, do build your support system and continue cultivating family relationships and friendships, as well as finding trusted confidants to support you.

2. Repairing Your Marriage Relationship

(a) Addressing fears and limiting beliefs

(b) 5 ways to communicate better with your spouse

(c) Improving your marriage

(d) Solutions, not over-analysing problems

Effort is needed to maintain any relationship, not least a marriage that is breaking down. Take time to address your own fears and limiting beliefs. Improve your marriage relationship by communicating better and taking action. Also, rather than harping on the problems, find solutions.

3. Dealing with Your Spouse

(a) A cheating spouse

(b) An abusive spouse

(c) Finding relief after divorce

Despite your best efforts, your marriage may still break down. Don’t be afraid to walk away from a dysfunctional marriage, particularly if your spouse cheats or your spouse is abusive. This might bring you a sense of relief as you’d be free to start a new life.

4. Effects of a Divorce

(a) Physical and Mental Effects of Divorce

(b) Divorce and Negative Feelings

(c) Low Self-Esteem

(d) Social Stigma

(e) Negative Emotions

Divorce will inevitably affect you deeply on a personal level. You may suffer from physical and mental problems due to stress arising from your divorce. Even if you’re the best-adjusted person in the world, you will still need to deal with negative feelings and low self-esteem. Negative emotions and social stigma will also affect you throughout the divorce process, even if you vehemently deny it.

5. Practical Problems of a Divorce

(a) Divorce and your children

(b) 4 possible scenarios for the impact of a divorce on your career and finances

Even as divorce affects you on a personal level, it can also severely impact your Children (if you have any), and your Career and Finances.

Children are often caught in the middle during marital disputes and divorce procedures. Nonetheless, your children have to be prepared and informed about your divorce. Likewise, a divorce will affect your Career and Finances as you become more engaged in the divorce process.

After going through this checklist, you can then consider if divorce is really the best option for you. Ultimately, as entering into a marriage shouldn’t be a spur-of-the-moment decision, deciding on a divorce also shouldn’t be done flippantly and callously. If you are certain, you can then engage a good divorce lawyer who will guide you through the divorce procedure in Singapore.

Of course, making the decision to divorce does not mean that you no longer need to refer to this checklist. These concerns addressed above should be carefully considered throughout the entire divorce proceedings, from hiring a divorce lawyer to the final grant of divorce. This is because your opinions and perspectives on these concerns will change as you go through the divorce process.

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