Are you finding a Good Divorce Lawyer in Singapore? Here are our recommendations and guidelines to help you find, assess and work with the Best Divorce Lawyers in Singapore based on your personal circumstances.
1. Getting a Divorce Lawyer- An Overview

Getting a divorce is never an easy process regardless of how you ended things with your partner. It is often mentally draining, emotionally traumatizing and speaking in a realistic manner, a real financial burden. Unfortunately, it does not affect the direct parties alone, your children and other family members may be dragged into the divorce as well, causing unnecessary stress on their lives.

At Huffe, we understand that it is a tough decision to make and we want to provide you with as much help as possible should you decide to embark on this arduous journey.

Firstly, at this point, if you are considering divorce, you should first consult a counselor to explore the impact this move will have on you and your family. This is aimed at preparing you emotionally for the divorce and to explore other possible alternatives. At times, an objective opinion may help you straighten things out and you may realize that a divorce may not be the most suitable option.

Nevertheless, if you are adamant about a divorce, you will need to consult a suitable divorce lawyer for advice and assistance and this is by no means an easy task since there are more than 400 law firms that deal with divorce proceedings in Singapore. Hence, this guide is here to assist you and equip you with the basic know-how of finding a Good Singapore Divorce Lawyer, who will navigate you through the labyrinth of legal processes and proceedings.

If you do need some basic information on the Divorce Procedures, you may refer to our other pages for more details. We advise you to get a brief overview of the divorce process so it can assist you in your search for a lawyer, should you decide to hire one.

2. Key Qualities of a GOOD Divorce Lawyer

As mentioned, a divorce is never easy on anyone and if you were to hire professional help, it only makes sense to engage the services of someone who can handle your case for you. Yet, you might be financially strapped which makes it difficult for you to spend on getting such and this is exactly where we recommend you hire a ‘good’ divorce lawyer, rather than the best.

A good divorce lawyer should possess the necessary expertise and experience to get you through your case. We have compiled a list of factors that you may consider in your description of what makes a good divorce lawyer.

(A) Specialization
A good divorce lawyer must be a specialist in the relevant field and have considerable experiences in handling divorce cases in Singapore.

Do avoid generalist lawyers (those who do not specialise in divorce law), even if they offer cheap legal services to entice you to use their services, especially if your case is a complicated one, involving many ancillary issues. However, if your divorce is an uncontested one with no complexities involved, you may consider a cheap generalist lawyer if you wish but we strongly recommend you against engaging such services.

(B) Affordability
This is by far the most important factor in this category. Quality legal services frequently comes at a price in the real world – however, that price need not be the highest price but more often than not, such services would not come cheap. That said, you should make sure the charges are made transparent to you and that the services provided by your attorney are priced reasonably, make no assumptions about any costs.

Do note that there is no such thing as a flat fee divorce unless your partner absolutely consents to divorce in your terms and there is nothing to contest, which only leaves the paperwork to be completed.

(C) Engagement
A good family lawyer will always listen to you pro-actively and ask for your views/opinions in order to let you participate actively in discussions concerning your case since you are obviously the best person to ask about your case.

You should have a high level of interaction with your lawyer and he should take a genuine interest in your case. In return, you should be completely honest with him so that he may assist you with his best possible efforts.

(D) Suitability and Comfort
Suitability and comfort is closely linked to the factor of engagement. You should pay close attention to factors such as:

(i) The ease of working and communicating with your lawyer

(ii) The degree of comfort/ease you feel when you are explaining your issues to your lawyer

(iii) Your lawyer’s suitability to your circumstance and personality – for instance, you might prefer to avoid litigation but your lawyer is taking an aggressive stance, constantly pushing for a formal procedure

We understand that lawyers start out as strangers and it may be difficult for you to determine if he is suitable for you right at the outset. However, there are some tell-tale signs that the lawyer is inappropriate for you if for example, you feel uncomfortable sharing your stories with him.

Ultimately, the right to decide lies with you – so do not be hasty or pressured into making a decision. Remember, your lawyer can only help you as much as you are honest with him.

Last, do no place too much emphasis on the ‘name’ or reputation of the law firm; size and brand establishment of the law firm are important but not as critical as the expertise of the individual family lawyer handling your case. Divorce lawyers from a small or boutique law firms can be just as good or even better than their learned counterparts from large branded law firms.

3. How to Source for a Divorce Lawyer

Now that you have a better understanding of the divorce procedures and the traits of the best lawyer in Singapore, we will be teaching you how to source for that divorce lawyer. As mentioned, it is by far not an easy task due to the number of lawyers and law firms in Singapore (standing at more than 800). There are several methods you can try but to ensure that you get the right person for the job, we advise you to do this systematically

(a) Word-Of-Mouth
Although it is unfortunate to have close contacts going through the same process, you may rely on the advice of close friends or relatives who have personally engaged a divorce lawyer. This would allow you to hear first-hand how that lawyer handles a case, whether he is sufficiently competent and whether his style of case management is suitable for you.

Nonetheless, divorce is a personal and sensitive issue and it is completely understandable if you do not want to share with your friends or families – there are other avenues of sourcing for a lawyer.

(b) Online Advertisements
You may also spend some time looking through online profiles of lawyers to see if there are any lawyer which provides the services you are looking for – do take note of their respective fees and their corresponding services. It is apposite to constantly remind yourself that high fees do not always translate into better services and vice versa.

As mentioned, you may base your decision on reviews but they are really hard to come by and unless they are from trusted sources, such as close friends or relatives, you ought to treat them with caution.

(c) Legal Services Regulatory Authority (LSRA) Directory of Lawyers
The LSRA of Singapore maintains an updated list of the practicing lawyers and law firms in Singapore. The integrated search function of LSRA allows to conveniently search all law practices and collaborations registered with LSRA, and all lawyers with a valid Practising Certificate or Certificate of Registration.

Nonetheless, do note that the LSRA is a big portal that covers all aspects of the law. To help you narrow down your options, we have carefully identified some of the very best divorce lawyers and law firms in Singapore.

4. Contacting Your Divorce Lawyer

After you have contacted the law firm of your choice, you should meet your lawyer in person for legal advice.

Here is a checklist you should take note of before meeting your family lawyer:

(a) Do a detailed internet profile search on the law firm and the lawyer whose services you want to engage.

Nonetheless, divorce is a personal and sensitive issue and it is completely understandable if you do not want to share with your friends or families – there are other avenues of sourcing for a lawyer.

(b) Call your chosen firm and request to speak to the particular lawyer you have chosen. Most law firms will provide a free 20 minutes consultation to explain the divorce process and provide some basic advice to allow you to better decide on your next course of action. This may result in alternatives such as proceeding with negotiation or mediation.

(c) Explore all these options with your lawyer before making an informed decision about whether you should proceed with a divorce.

(d) When you finally get to interact with your lawyer, determine if this lawyer suits your requirement – it may be better to change your lawyer earlier on in the case if you decide that he is not suitable. We understand that this is not easy but usually, a tell-tale sign of unsuitability is that you feel uncomfortable discussing your issues with him; this would mean that you are unable to provide him with the full details and he may not be able to assist you as much as he would like to.

(e) Finally, and most importantly, you must take an effort to understand how you will be billed and charged at every stage of the divorce process. There will be an engagement letter, which describes the nature of your divorce proceeding, the terms and conditions of the relationship between you and your lawyer and the estimated range of costs. Make sure you read the letter of engagement properly and thoroughly before hiring the lawyer.

(f) A small reminder: if you have already been served documents from your spouse, do remember to bring them along when you meet your lawyer. It is likely to assist your case.

You may also refer to other categories of divorce lawyers such as the Top Divorce Lawyer and Best Divorce Lawyer in your search for a suitable attorney. 

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