Divorce Support in Singapore … Here’s 5 key ways to support someone contemplating or going through a Divorce in Singapore


Divorce can be highly painful and traumatic, or relatively smooth and painless. To support someone contemplating or going through a divorce, it’s important to know that person’s personality and way of expressing emotions so that you can tailor your approach when empathizing with them. Even so, here are some general ways you can show your support:
1. Listen and Don’t Judge

Your friend or family member doesn’t need a lecture on how to maintain a marriage but your listening ear, your understanding, and your presence. Divorce can affect even the most emotionally-stable of persons and so reassurance is key to soothing those possible feelings of hurt and abandonment. Let the person open up at their own pace and don’t try to give advice of your own accord.

2. Don’t make assumptions

It’s so easy for your attempt to support the divorcee to devolve into a blame game. That’s unhelpful and presumptuous, as it doesn’t take into account all the possible factors leading to a divorce. As an observer, you may not have the full picture of a relationship and so you shouldn’t try to speculate on the reasons for the marriage’s breakdown. Badmouthing the other spouse is also not recommended as this will merely worsen the divorcee’s emotional turmoil.

3. Don’t Equate Divorce With a Bad Breakup

A divorce has legal and financial consequences, whereas a bad breakup probably will not. Therefore, do avoid trivializing the severity of the divorce situation. When children are involved, the parents undergoing divorce might be even more stressed.

4. Keep in Regular Contact

As a divorce is emotionally-draining, the divorcee may become less social. Family and mutual friends of the couple may even take sides and isolate the other spouse. To reassure the divorcee that you’re there to support him or her, keep in contact and ask them out for a chit-chat or to enjoy some good food.

5. Encourage Them to Move on

As your friend or family member heals from the divorce, you should take the initiative to introduce him or her to new people. By letting them socialise, you’re helping to rebuild their individuality and social life. This might help them to find another significant other.
Ultimately, every divorcee is different and you should give support according to what you know of him or her. For example, giving too much sympathy to a highly proud or independent person may backfire in letting him or her feel too coddled. Just remember to give adequate reassurances that you will be there for him or her, and don’t make your support too much of a spectacle. Sometimes, time is the best healer.

6. Divorce Support Groups in Singapore

In addition to Marriage Counselling, you can also consider joining a Divorce Support Group to meet and obtain support and comfort from people facing similar struggles.

(a) Contemplating a Divorce?
Understandably, you will feel confused, lonely and even helpless when contemplating whether or not to get a divorce. Whilst getting a divorce is a extremely difficult path, sometimes, trying to stay on in a difficult marriage is potentially just as challenging.

For the Ladies, Association of Women for Action and Research (AWARE) has launched a Support Group for wives contemplating a divorce.

Here, helpful information and useful resources will be shared with you to guide, support and help you in coping with the upheavals you are facing emotionally as you strive towards getting more meaning and clarity for your decision making process.

Venue: AWARE Centre, 5 Dover Crescent, #01-22, Singapore 130005
Registration Fee: $100 ($50 to be refunded if 85% attendance is fulfilled)
Dates: To be advised
Duration: 7 Sessions

(b) Going through a Divorce?
Divorce can be difficult. If you are recently divorced or are going through divorce proceedings now, AWARE’s support group might be able to help. Come meet and learn from other women facing similar struggles.As a final word of advice, if you are proceeding with an uncontested divorce, do check with your lawyer to make sure that the fees are nett. It is also advisable that before you sign the engagement letter, you negotiate for a set amount of consultation time that you deem necessary for the divorce process.

For the Ladies, Association of Women for Action and Research (AWARE) has launched a Support Group for wives contemplating a divorce.

Here, you will learn how to cope with the upheavals in your emotions, how you can quickly adapt to changes, restructure your life meaningfully, and embrace your new stage of life ahead with renewed hope and positivity.

Venue: AWARE Center, 5 Dover Crescent, #01-22, Singapore 130005

Registration Fee: $100 ($50 to be refunded if 85% attendance is fulfilled)

Eligibility: Women who have been divorced for less than a year and women who are in the midst of divorce proceedings.

Duration: 8 Weekly Weekday Night Sessions

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