Guide to helping you find the Best Singapore Divorce Lawyer
1. Getting A Divorce Lawyer – An Overview



Getting a divorce is a life-changing experience that is usually mentally draining, emotionally traumatizing, spiritually exhausting and financially burdensome. Often-times, the process of getting a divorce is extremely stressful and complicated. Everyone enters a marriage with the intention of staying with his/her other half for the rest of their life, and divorce is almost always the last thing on their minds.

Nonetheless, when a marriage fails and you want to get out of it, it is most advisable that you get all the help you need before you embark on this arduous process.

At this point, if you are entertaining the thought of divorce, you should first review our “Pre Divorce Checklist” and also consult a marriage counsellor to explore the emotional, social and financial impact a divorce will have on you and your children. This will allow you to be emotionally prepared for the complex divorce procedures or to explore other alternatives. Often, the situation may not be as bad as you think it is and a divorce may not be the most suitable solution in your circumstances.

If you do decide to proceed, you will need to see a good divorce lawyer for advice and assistance. You may find that this is not an easy task, given that there are more than 400 law firms in Singapore that handle divorce and family law matters. That said, it is not impossible for you to find a top divorce lawyer in Singapore to aid you with the labyrinth of divorce legal processes and proceedings. This guide serves to equip you with the basic know-how of finding the best divorce lawyer in Singapore to suit your immediate needs.

2. Key Qualities Of The BEST Divorce Lawyer



The “BEST” Singapore Family Lawyer may not be the ‘top’ as we understand, which usually considers reputation and rankings. Rather, he should be someone who is well-versed with matrimonial law and divorce proceeding. He should also be the one that is most suited to your circumstances based on your needs and you should feel comfortable while discussing your issues with him. We have compiled a list of qualities and provided an explanation as to why they are important to you.

(A) Well-Versed with Domestic Matrimonial Law
First and foremost, your divorce attorney should be familiar with Singapore’s matrimonial law and divorce proceedings.

Expat Divorce: This is especially important if you are an expatriate attempting to pursue a divorce in Singapore; you will need a local lawyer to help determine if you can conduct your divorce in Singapore and determine the relevant jurisdiction governing your marriage. These waters are not easy to navigate and getting professional help can really assist you with the tedious process.

Furthermore, a family court lawyer who is familiar with matrimonial law in Singapore should be able to explain the complex procedures to you so that you can understand the process easily. During this difficult period, it is far more reassuring for you to understand the rights you possess instead of being oblivious to the situation, only to realise that you may consent to certain situations unwittingly and subject yourself to further anxiety.

(B) Suitability and Comfort
You should always choose a family law lawyer whom you can work and communicate with easily. Different people have different preferences and you should choose one that suits you; for instance, some prefer divorce lawyers of the same gender while others may prefer lawyers of the same race, and the list goes on.

We understand that family lawyers may start out as strangers hence, it is important that you pick a lawyer for family law whom you feel comfortable sharing your experiences with because it is best to be frank with him so that he can work realistically towards the best possible outcome for you. In any case, always remember you have the right to choose so, do not be hasty in making a decision.

Besides choosing a lawyer for divorce that suits your personality, also remember to choose one that provides you with the necessary legal service; after all, you are looking for someone who can deal with your matrimonial proceedings.

(C) Experience
Your family divorce lawyer should have considerable experience and knowledge in handling divorce cases in Singapore. This is especially important if you are involved in a difficult case because it takes years of experience for a divorce lawyer to be able to comprehend the legal complexities of the case at hand. Keep in mind that with experience, comes a wealth of knowledge.

The best divorce lawyers understand that divorce is a major life trauma that involves many ancillary issues such as assets division, child custody and maintenance. Divorce is a very sensitive area of law and an experienced divorce attorney should have the tact to minimize the suffering and meander around the pain for you where possible during the divorce process.

Divorce in Singapore is a multi-stage judicial process that is often complicated by the filing and divorce procedures. An experienced family court lawyer in Singapore will be able to provide you with a clear understanding of what is necessitated at every stage of the legal proceeding. You will not have to worry about the legal processes because a top attorney will have the skills and expertise to prepare all the necessary legal papers on your behalf. He will update you on the divorce procedures, finding out how to fill in the forms and filing your documents personally at the Service Bureau.

(D) Specialisation
Your divorce lawyer should specialise in matrimonial cases and family law in Singapore, extensive and varied experience in Family and Matrimonial Law Practice should provide you with insights to your case, similar to the reason you would visit a specialist instead of a GP doctor for more serious ailments.

Being a specialist in the field of divorce, your lawyer will be able to look at your situation objectively and provide you with sound advice to ensure that you are making the correct decisions for your future and your children.

(E) Engagement
You should have a high level of interaction with your lawyer so that he can fully understand your situation and advice you accordingly. You should be frank with him and actively participate in discussions about your case; ensure that the legal proceedings are explained and should you remain unclear, do not hesitate to ask.

Most importantly, your lawyer should be dedicated to your case and provide you with specialised and individual attention. Every divorce carries a different story; your lawyer should be genuinely interested and provide tailored solutions to your problems.

(F) Good Reviews
You should also appoint a family lawyer in Singapore who has received good reviews. Usually, a lawyer who has positive feedback is one who is widely recognised to be able to deliver quality services.

However, it should be noted that such reviews are hard to come by since it is rare that divorcees would willingly step out to advertise for a divorce lawyer, as it indirectly reveals their marital status. It is likely that you would only be able to obtain them from close friends or relatives who have personally engaged a certain lawyer. Nevertheless, should you be able to obtain one, it should be relatively reliable but do still exercise some degree of caution.

The above provides a brief of explanation of the qualities that your divorce lawyer, in the BEST category, should possess. He may not be ranked first but he could be the best fit your case and should be more than capable to handle your case.

In any case, remember that your lawyer can only help you as much as you are willing to share with him your story. We understand that it is a tough journey but at this point, you can only be honest and discuss, without inhibitions, with your lawyer in order to achieve the possible outcome for yourself.

You may also refer to other categories of divorce lawyers such as the Top Divorce Lawyer and Good Divorce Lawyer in your search for a suitable attorney.

3. How To Source For A Divorce Lawyer?



Now that you have a better understanding of the divorce procedures and the traits of the best lawyer in Singapore, we will be teaching you how to source for that divorce lawyer. As mentioned, it is by far not an easy task due to the number of lawyers and law firms in Singapore (standing at more than 800). There are several methods you can try but to ensure that you get the right person for the job, we advise you to do this systematically

(a) Word-Of-Mouth

Although it is unfortunate to have close contacts going through the same process, you may rely on the advice of close friends or relatives who have personally engaged a divorce lawyer. This would allow you to hear first-hand how that lawyer handles a case, whether he is sufficiently competent and whether his style of case management is suitable for you.

Nonetheless, divorce is a personal and sensitive issue and it is completely understandable if you do not want to share with your friends or families – there are other avenues of sourcing for a lawyer.

(b) Online Advertisements

You may also spend some time looking through online profiles of lawyers to see if there are any lawyer which provides the services you are looking for – do take note of their respective fees and their corresponding services. It is apposite to constantly remind yourself that high fees do not always translate into better services and vice versa.

As mentioned, you may base your decision on reviews but they are really hard to come by and unless they are from trusted sources, such as close friends or relatives, you ought to treat them with caution.

(c) Legal Services Regulatory Authority (LSRA) Directory of Lawyers

The LSRA of Singapore maintains an updated list of the practicing lawyers and law firms in Singapore. The integrated search function of LSRA allows to conveniently search all law practices and collaborations registered with LSRA, and all lawyers with a valid Practising Certificate or Certificate of Registration.

Nonetheless, do note that the LSRA is a big portal that covers all aspects of the law. To help you narrow down your options, we have carefully identified some of the very best divorce lawyers and law firms in Singapore.

4. Contacting Your Divorce Lawyer



After you have contacted the law firm of your choice, you should meet your lawyer in person for legal advice.

Here is a checklist you should take note of before meeting your family lawyer:

(a) Do a detailed internet profile search on the law firm and the lawyer whose services you want to engage.

(b) Call your chosen firm and request to speak to the particular lawyer you have chosen. Most law firms will provide a free 20 minutes consultation to explain the divorce process and provide some basic advice to allow you to better decide on your next course of action. This may result in alternatives such as proceeding with negotiation or mediation.

(c) Explore all these options with your lawyer before making an informed decision about whether you should proceed with a divorce.

(d) When you finally get to interact with your lawyer, determine if this lawyer suits your requirement – it may be better to change your lawyer earlier on in the case if you decide that he is not suitable. We understand that this is not easy but usually, a tell-tale sign of unsuitability is that you feel uncomfortable discussing your issues with him; this would mean that you are unable to provide him with the full details and he may not be able to assist you as much as he would like to.

You may also refer to other categories of divorce lawyers such as the Top Divorce Lawyer and Good Divorce Lawyer in your search for a suitable attorney.

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