Physical and Mental Effects of Divorce on Yourself and Your Children


Research has shown that divorce has serious effects on our minds and bodies, from raising our stress levels, changing our sleeping habits and even affecting our breathing patterns. To better cope with divorce, we have to manage our minds and bodies also.


Some possible effects of divorce are:


1. Disruption in sleep patterns

Research has shown that divorce will result in noticeable disruption in sleep patterns. Given the emotional stress and turmoil that the divorcee is facing, feelings of anguish, betrayal, sadness or worry may cause insomnia or affect sleep quality.

• Keep the bedroom to sleeping. Avoid bringing work to the bedroom, and avoid stimulating the brain too much before bedtime (eg. playing games on your smartphone and watching TV).
• Drink beverages that make you relax, but avoid caffeine and alcohol.
• Have a regular sleeping timetable and stick to it.

2. Drastic weight fluctuation

Due to the trauma caused by divorce, a divorcee might suddenly gain or lose a lot of weight within a short period of time. One may gain weight because of eating too much high-fat and high-sugar comfort food. On the other hand, one may lose too much weight due to the loss of appetite.


• Draw up a schedule for mealtimes and stick to it.
• Avoid snacking.
• Pick healthy alternatives to junk food (eg. nuts instead of potato chips and homemade juice instead of soft drinks).
• See a nutritionist to get advice on planning meals for your body’s needs.Alternatively, you may also opt for mediation to try to salvage the relationship.

3. Anxiety

Divorce causes uncertainty and may be viewed as a betrayal by either spouse. This is because you may have sacrificed time and effort in order to build a family. The loss of trust, coupled with the worry over children or finances, may result in the build-up of significant anxiety.

• Find the silver lining and hope for a better future.
• Practice breathing exercises.
• Pamper yourself occasionally so as to relax or do something fun.

4. Depression

Throughout the divorce process, one may feel a sense of shame and failure. In the event of adultery, the non-cheating spouse may suffer from a severe blow to their self-esteem or even depression. If you suspect that you may be suffering from depression, you should immediately seek professional help. Symptoms of depression include exhaustion, chest pains, frequent migraines, change in weight, and dizziness.

• Speak to trusted friends and family.
• See a counsellor.
• Write in a diary to record your feelings.


Divorce is commonly a mentally and physically exhausting process. When in doubt, you should always seek help. Do make sure to communicate your thoughts and emotions so that you can receive support and eventually recover from the trauma caused by your divorce.
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